Fishing on Seneca Lake

Lake regulations provide for an all year season on trout. Licenses are available at any town clerk's office, some major department stores and many sporting goods stores. Fishing regulations for this year can be obtained where licenses are available. The license year in the Finger Lakes region runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. Fees for citizen residents:

Click HERE for more detailed licensing information from the state.

The following is borrowed in full from: Fred J. Kane.

Seneca Lake is the deepest of the Finger Lakes with a depth of 618 feet. In the Finger Lakes Region, there are over 1,000,000 fish to be caught and more miles of trails and campgrounds than you can count on your fingers and toes. It covers an area from Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania border.

The Iroquois Indians believe the Finger Lakes were formed by the Great Spirit who told them, "I have passed my hand upon the surface of the earth, and in the prints of my fingers are five shining lakes." I also like the children's story about the giant, Paul Bunyan, and his Blue Ox, Babe. One day while plowing, Paul tripped, put out his hand to break his fall, forming the Finger Lakes.

Stay at one of the many campgrounds where you, your partner, camper, boat, and vehicle will be welcomed by the excellent facilities. You can visit the town of Geneva, known as the "Jewel of the Finger Lakes" and the home of the National Trout Derby that takes place Memorial day weekend.

The beauty of the Finger Lakes lies beneath the water's surface. Bring your heavy-duty, medium, and ultra-lite fishing gear. With 12- to 17-pound test line and silver spoons you can troll for 5- to 15- pound rainbow trout, or lake trout in the 6- to 20-pound class.

Much of the reputation that Seneca Lake enjoys stems from her rainbow trout, the Dapper Dan of the lake. In fact Seneca Lake is the reservoir for the record breaker (fish of 20 pounds or more) taken each spring from Catherine's Creek.

Lake trout is a resident of the deep. Throughout the season she draws the biggest crowds and yields the most weight in pounds. You can bring lake trout to your boat at a dozen "hot spots" but in general the east side of the lake is most productive. Don't be surprised if, while trolling for trout, you catch a 5- to 10-pound northern pike (the fresh water shark).

Fish are plentiful in Kashong Point, Dresden, and north of Pontius Point northern pike. These fish can also be caught using live bait. Should you decide to use your medium weight gear you can troll, drift, or cast for 4- to 6-pound largemouth and smallmouth bass that will dance at the end of your line.

Seneca's best smallmouth fishing takes place late in the season. Largemouth can be caught from one end of the lake to the other. A six-foot spinning outfit, using spinners, deep divers, and some surface lures will be the right ticket. When using ultra-lite gear you can angle for yellow perch and the bluegill that is meant to be eaten by man or fish.

While staying at the lake, you have the opportunity to fish seven days straight without angling for the same species of fish two days in a row. Come join the people of New York State and visit the scenic Finger Lakes Region.

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